Why Cloud Computing?

With the help of cloud computing, working becomes more socially interactive and unconstrained to location and time. However, many organizations are still struggling to adopt cloud computing to their full advantage, not anticipating the impact it has on the complete organization.

Competence-related challenges when adopting cloud computing
Staff do not have adequate cloud competencies:
Ambiguity in professionals on how to start with cloud computing.
Incapability to control the impact of cloud computing on the organization
Resistance to change
Insufficient fundamental cloud training:
Organizations are not recognizing the importance of vendor-neutral, fundamental-level training for all key IT employees.

The cloud moves faster than organizations can adopt:
There is no standard set of rules/terminology/language yet in the market place.

Essential cloud knowledge & skills

Getting your people up to speed with a principle understanding of cloud computing and basic skills is key for a safe and well-managed implementation of any cloud project. They will better understand the impact on business processes, governance, and security. Before actually going into the technical details.

Exam Details
The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. To pass the exam, an individual must correctly answer at least 26 questions and attain a score of 65% or higher. The exam can currently only be taken web-based in the English language.

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