About ITpreneurs

ITpreneurs offers innovative competence development programs for IT best practices to support the educational needs of IT professionals. With expertise in key categories including IT Service Management, Governance and Strategy, Process Improvement, Project and Program Management and Emerging Technologies, ITpreneurs provides guidance on global frameworks and integrated solutions.

Cloud Credential Council

About Cloud Credential Council

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is the international industry representation body mandated to develop and drive alignment of standards training and certification for individuals in the cloud computing domain. The CCC is independent and vendor neutral, and has an expanding list of members consisting of public sector and academic institutions, cloud providers, cloud consumers, cloud brokers, professional associations and international certification bodies from across the world.

Meed Networks-logo

About Meed Networks

We are a Telecoms and Networks company totally committed to delivering highly customized solutions, and value-added services on-time, every-time. Our group of technical experts and professionals have the experience needed to provide a tailor made solutions.


About USB

Think about where you are in your career right now.
Are you adding value? Are you ready to grow to the next level of influence? The first step in choosing a suitable development path is to identify your current development needs or learning journey direction. For each available direction, we offer corresponding development opportunities:


About cio-mag

Cio Mag is a medium of information and technology watch service for CIOs and key decision makers in the IT sector. It is , above all, a bimonthly information under the sign of innovation and sharing uses to promote the development of information systems as a factor of performance in service companies.


About Sysnet Congo

SYSNET-CONGO was founded nearly 10 years ago. Today we are one of Congo Brazzaville’s leading System Intrgrators in Telecoms, ICT Systems, Security Systems & Green Energy.