IT & Telecoms Project Management

Duration: 3 days
Course overview

Information Technology projects are part of all modern enterprises. The IT and Telecom Project Management (ITPM) of ccbAfrica and USB Executive Development (USB-ED) exposes those owning, managing and taking leadership roles on projects with an Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunication components to project management principles and techniques, as well as the latest thinking and research on IT project management and the factors which influence success

Significant organizational resources are involved in project work (once off activities), either directly or in a supportive role. And IT and Telecom projects, which often cut across different business disciplines, presents a significant business challenge. This course 3-day course is designed specifically for individuals and organizations using project management to deliver IT initiatives and will equip project managers, owners and key resources on IT projects with the knowledge required to successfully complete technology-intrinsic projects.

Learning objectives

Define and describe the discipline of project management.
Understand the generic IT project life cycle and the deliverables within this life cycle.
Understand the current generic methodologies and standards (PMI / PRINCE2 / APM) used in the project industry, including its benefits and limitations.
Understand the role of the charter and the statement of work for IT projects.
Identify the many factors involved with developing systems (human and automated) and balance these factors to protect the project team from outside distractions.
Appreciate the role of task definition and management and comprehend the impact of prerequisites on project tasks.
Understand the importance of people management in project management success
Communicate effectively in a project team and understand how each team member’s effective communication contributes to the ability of the project manager to effectively plan and control the project.
Partake in a formal risk and issue management process and be able to identify project risks and issues for IT projects.
Compile a project status report.


On successful completion of this programme, participants are eligible for 10 credits towards the present curriculum of the MBA-degree and the MDevFin-degree of USB, subject to the following conditions:

Credits towards the MBA- or MDevFin degree cannot be gained on a group assessment. Therefore delegates that are interested to gain credits for this programme towards the MBA- or MDevFin of the USB, must either submit the assignment individually or, in addition to a group assignment (60% pass mark), pass an individual 3 hour closed book examination (50% pass mark).
Gaining these credits does not automatically allow, nor guarantee acceptance on the MBA- or MDevFin programme of the USB, nor obviate the application process.
The writing of the examination and subsequent claim to credits towards the MBA- or MDevFin can be exercised any time up to three years after gaining the certificate. Completion of this programme also entitles the delegate to exemption from the Project Management module in the Senior Management Development Programme.

Who should Attend this Course

This course is aimed at all resources intimately involved in major business projects with a strong IT component. All levels of project managers, as well as those line managers within an organisation that need to develop an appreciation for the role of project management, will benefit from this course. Senior managers wishing to introduce a project based approach to their IT department will also find the course highly beneficial, as will IT staff that have acquired their project skills “on the job” and have never had any formal project management training.

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