Understanding VSAT & WIFI Communications Engineering

Duration: 5 days
Course overview

This course is an intensive program designed for installers of bi-directional satellite earth stations and WIFI Communication networks. The Course will offer both theoretical and practical skills transfer as applicable to DVB/TDMA VSAT field engineers, support engineers, sales and marketing professionals and operational managers.

The course is divided into two sessions, a class-room theory session that introduces participants to the basics of satellite communication and a practical session that covers the fundamentals that all VSAT and WIFI field technicians should know.

Learning objectives

Complete understanding on why we use Satellites; Reasons why satellite is used opposed to fiber, cable or microwave.
How does Satellites work? Detailed explanation of a satellite from design to operational.
VSAT Network Design; Components that make up a VSAT network.
Link Budget; Explanation of why we need link budgets and how to understand a link budget
VSAT Services; Discuss the different types of services and the benefits of the types of services.
Practical Theory; Understand the process from applying to commissioning of a VSAT site
Demonstration of a dish built and alignment
Explain the fundamental principles used in wireless LANs, making students more effective in WLAN problem analyse & troubleshooting.
Install and configure wireless networks using wireless NICs, access points, gateways and antennas.
Understand the problems that can occur with wireless LAN data transmission, including multipath, hidden nodes, and interference.
Perform a basic site survey for the installation of a wireless LAN, and explain what needs to be taken into consideration.
Explain the insecurities in IEEE 802.11 WLANS and list the techniques that can be used to secure them.
Practical by Students

Who should attend this course?

This course is targeted at telecom engineers who;

IT professionals wanting to move into the rapidly growing wireless networks industry; network planners, network designers; security managers, security auditors; IT management; anyone concerned with the security of their organization.

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