Electronic Records Management

Duration: 3 days
Course overview

The 3-day course will provide participants with both a theoretical and practical understanding of the key concepts of Electronic Records Management including Archiving. The course will give an overview of records management terminology, concepts, and procedures to successfully manage records in today’s offices. It also touches on the legal issues around record retention.

Learning objectives

Understand the various criteria used in appraisal.
What is records Appraisal
Objectives for Records appraisal
Challenges encountered during appraisal
Draw the differences between Electronic and Manual records in an organization
To understand types of electronic records
To appreciate the benefits accrued to effective electronic records management practices
Explain the terms, “records retention”, “disposal” and records protection
Explain the importance of a records retention programmes focusing on the economic and legal benefits of establishing a programme
Understand the principles and steps involved in the development of records retention schedules for their implementation.

Who should attend this course?

Government, NGOs and Private Sector Organisations charged with enhancing information systems which rely on well-managed and accurate records, areas such as research, health, education, human resource management just to mention a few.

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